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An Action Hero is 2022 Bollywood Action Movie, Story, and directed by Anirudh Iyer and written by Neeraj Yadav. Ayushmann Khurrana, Jaideep Ahlawat are playing the lead roles. Jitender Hooda, Neeraj Madhav, Harsh Chhaya, Gautam Joglekar, Malaika Arora, and Nora Fatehi are playing in supporting roles. Akshay Kumar in Cameo Appearance. The producers are Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, and Aanand L. Rai under the banner of T-Series and Colour Yellow Productions. Parag Chhabra, Sunny M. R. giving the music for this movie. An Action Hero movie released on 2nd December 2022. Here get the details about An Action Hero full movie download.

An Action Hero Movie Trailer

Story of An Action Hero Movie

Manav is a Bollywood superstar on an action shoot in Haryana where the crowds have flocked to watch their hero’s shoot. The local strongman Bhoora younger brother Vicky and his cohorts to meet Manav at kept waiting on the set. Manav can not get his action shot right and there many retakes. Eventually Manav finishes and goes to meet Vicky & co but just as he is about to greet them, he gets called away to take delivery of his new dream car. Manav immediately takes his new car for a spin. An enraged Vicky follows in hot pursuit, determined to teach Manav a lesson for insulting him. In the ensuing fracas, Vicky falls hitting his head on a stone and dies.

A panicked Manav decides to flee the country, reaching the UK in a private plane just as the Haryana police. nd the media channels are closing in. Akshay Kumar as himself is a co passenger in an amusing guest appearance. The antics of several popular news anchors  mimicked and a montage of anchors. And reporters going crazy by the day as hunt for Maanav goes on keeps you in splits. The film industry a fickle place,  how those fawning around him abruptly cut ties when Maanav portrayed as a villain by the media. The industry’s links with the underworld also touched upon as well.

An Action Hero Full Movie Download

Ayushman Khurrana’s An Actio Hero movie entertained the audience in theatres and streaming platforms. He experimented on every film. After the Covid crisis, many Bollywood movies affected. Now Some of the movies gain the collections in Box Office. Nowadays movies easily affected by illegal sites and also movies within 40 days of streaming on legal streaming platforms. Watch and enjoy  An Action Hero full movie download in legal platforms only.

Movie Review

Ayushmann stars as “Maanav Khurrana” a quintessential egotistical Bollywood hero with an overblown sense of self, a clear satire on the mainstream heroes of the Hindi industry. How the star gets enters into a bitter feud with a Haryana strongman politician “Bhurra”and the ensuing chaos forms the rest of the story. Director Anirudh Iyer threads the needle with the screenplay, finding the right balance between bone-crunching action and rib-tickling zingers to keep audiences hooked.

The script by Neeraj Yadav never lets up in the number of twists and turns it brings in during the chaotic journey of our two lead protagonists. with the excellent action choreography and stunts adding mass to the witty zingers and one-liners  The storytelling and direction are so on-point that even the placement of an item number serves to move. The narrative forward convincingly and without the tension and fun element dissipating. Ahlwat and Khurranna consistently one-up each other during their combination sequences, serving to elevate both their performances.

DOP Kaushal Shah from playing with water in Gehraiyaan, plays with fire in this one & it’s always great to see when an artist juggles between two contrasting topics nailing each of them. The antique of shooting a film in the film, as a camera goes through a camera scene deserves a special mention. Ninad Khanolkar’s editing compliments the little over 2-hour duration of the film as the film hardly loses its pace.

The film cleverly written. It serves us twists and turns admiringly well. The insider jokes are a hoot. The arrogance of a superstar is on point. So is his attempt at being a method actor in an action film. He gives take after take to get the look right, and the directors and others play along, as who’d antagonise an action star. He’s an ego monster used to having people around him bowing down to his needs and gets a rude shock when real bullets start flying. He knows he can’t bribe his way out of trouble in a foreign country. Media and its hunger for TRPs hugely made fun of in the film.

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