Avengers: Endgame” is creating history & marking the biggest success of MCU yet. The action packed English movie got a lot of hype even before it was released. With Avengers Infinity War massive success last year, this was expected. Superhero movies are quite hyped around the globe & when it comes to Marvel, they have created some quite amazing ones. However, we didn’t expect was how fast it started breaking the records. The movie was released globally last Friday & in the opening weekend, it has earned a total of 1.2 Billion USD worldwide. Right now it’s standing at 1.38 Billion & that’s just in 5 days.

The numbers have already crossed the 1.1 Billion total mark of Captain Marvel & Black Panther‘s 1.34 Billion. In India alone, the movie is standing right next to Bahubali 2: The Conclusion which is huge. The movie might actually catch up with Avengers: Infinity War really soon & maybe even surpass it’s 2 Billion mark.

The conclusion of Avengers phase 3 with a huge collection of action movies, marks a huge success on the board with overwhelmingly positive reviews from around the world. Can Captain Marvel hold their glory up in Phase 4? Well, let’s hope that they will. But, honestly, it won’t be easy.

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