Bhumi Pednekar’s Durgamati Full Movie Download Online


Durgamati Full Movie Download

Durgamati is a Bollywood horror thriller movie, This film helmed by G Ashok and produced by Bhushan Kumar, Akshay Kumar, and Vikram Malhotra under Abundantia Entertainment, T-Series. Bhumi Pednekar is the main lead.  The movie a remake of the Telugu hit Bhaagmathie. Arshad Warsi and Mahie Gill played guest roles in this movie.

Durgamati Full Movie Download



Movie Story


The  Durgamati story revolves around  IAS officer Chanchal Gupta (Bhumi Pednekar), who is serving a jail sentence for the murder of her fiancé Shakti (Karan Kapadia). Go into CBI officer Satakshi Ganguly (Mahie Gill) who desires Chanchal to spill the secrets of an effective minister Ishwar Prasad (Arshad Warsi) as she thinks the political leader is a wolf in the sheep’s clothing. Since Chanchal was associated with Ishwar Prasad in the past, Satakshi thinks she can be the ‘Vibhishan’ in his Lanka.

With the help of Shakti’s bro ACP Abhay Singh (Jisshu Sengupta), Satakshi decides to interrogate Chanchal in a haunted haveli (the infamous Durgamati haveli) to keep the examination under covers. However, as Chanchal actions from one eerie space to another in the palace, peering through dust-laden mirrors, secret alleys, and epic paintings, she quickly realizes that there is more to this than satisfies the eye.

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Movie Review


Bhumi Pednekar was just sensational in Desire Stories. she plays Chanchal Durgamati with a straight-faced seriousness, actually everyone else is running with animation intensity. It would be the filmmaker’s job to strike a tonal balance, however, given that director Ashok has actually shown his incompetence, Pendnekar stands out like an aching thumb.

There are long extends in which the star, as Durgamati, launches into elaborate lectures about the character’s backstory. It resembles seeing a horrible one-woman.

Arshad’s Ishwar still has some meat for the actor to sink his teeth into, and he does, Jisshu’s Abhay provides little for the star to check out. He still attempts to do his own, not letting his performance slip into a caricature. That’s not something we can state about Mahie’s Satyakshi.

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