KGF vs Other Movies – Who is leading the Box Office Chart?


KGF id one of the most successful movies of 2018 that is been compared with Bahubali 2. Apart from this, KGF is a Kannada getting released in 5 different languages. KGF is also one of the talked movies. Being the most talked movie, here we will see KGF Box Office performance as compared to other movies.

KGF vs Simmba

KGF and Simmba is the blockbuster movie of the year 2018. In the Box Office, both the movies have done pretty well. KGF collection is around 250 Cr and Simmba’s Box Office Collection has reached  300 Cr . Both the movies have done pretty well has received a positive response from the audience and Ranveer and Yash performance is up to the mark. To know more detail Click her on KGF vs Simmba.

KGF vs Maari 2

KGF and Maari 2 is one of the best movies in 2018, but both come from different industry.  Both the movie is an action thriller movie, but  KGF has received a better response. In the Box Office collection report, KGF has grossed 250 and Maari 2 80 Cr. If you are looking for a detailed comparison, then click on KGF vs Maari 2.

KGF vs Baahubali 2

KGF and Baahubali 2 is one of the best movies n South Movie Industry. There is a lot of comparison between KGF Baahubali 2. Talking about KGF Box Office collection with Baahubali 2, both have grossed 250 Cr and 1800 Cr respectively. To compare both the movies in detail, click here on KGF vs Baahubali 2.

KGF Vs 2.0

2.0 and KGF were released at the end of 2018. 2.0 features Rajnikant whereas in KGF  Yash. Rajinikant’s 2.0 BOC is 800 Cr and  KGF has grossed 250 Cr. Rajinikanth has a huge fan base and this is one reason for 2.0 great success. For more details about the movie, please check KGF vs 2.0.


URI Movie was the first Bollywood movie to release in the year 2019. Both the movies received good response from the audience. IN the Box Office Collection report, URI leads. KGF total Box Office Collection is 250 Cr, whereas URI has collected 322 Cr. If you want to have more details about these movies, check KGF vs URI in detail.

KGF vs Aravinda Sametha

In 2018, the South movie industry has produced some great movies and Aravinda Sametha is one of them.  Even after releasing in just one language Aravinda Sametha has done pretty well in the Box Office, KGF’s wins the Box office title. KGF movie Box Office Collection is around 250 Cr and Aravinda Sametha’s collection is 150 Cr. To know more detail about the movie check KGF vs Aravinda Sametha.

Natasarvabhouma vs KGF

Talking about Kannada movie star, Puneet Rajkumar is one of the known actors after Yash. In 2019 Puneet’s Natasaarvabhowma got released and people started comparing it with KGF. The movie is doing quite well in the Box Office and has collected around 43 Cr till now. There is less possibility that Natasaarvabhowma could do better than KGF. To compare both the movies in detail, click on Natasarvabhouma vs KGF.

KGF vs Sanju

Sanju is a Biopic of  Sanjay Dutt, released in June 2018 whereas  KGF is a fiction action thriller movie released in December 2018. Sanju is Ranbir Kapoor’s highest grossing movie with 580 Cr, whereas KGF had grossed around 250 Cr. Click here at KGF vs Sanju to know more about the movie.

KGF vs Sarkar

KGF and Sarkar are one of the best South Indian movies in 2018 having a unique story. Both movies are an action movie. There is good competition on the Box Office collection. Sarkar leads by grossed 253 Cr and KGF BOC collects only 250 Cr. Both the actors, Vijay and Yash have a good fan following.  If you are looking for detail comparison, then check KGF vs Sarkar

KGF vs The Villain

In 2018, the Kannada movie industry produced KGF and The Villan 2 great movies But you will see a huge difference in the Box Office collection.  KGF has collected more than The Villain. KGF Collection is 250 Cr and The Villain has grossed 130 Cr. To know more detail about the movie check KGF vs The Villain.

KGF vs Rangasthalam

Rangasthalam and KGF is an action movie released in 2019.  Rangasthalam features Ram Charan whereas KGF stars Yash. There was a close competition between both the movies in the Box Office Collection.  KGF collected 250 Cr and Rangasthalam around 216 Cr.  For more details about the movie check KGF Vs Rangasthalam.

KGF vs Kabali

KGF and Kabali is an impressing movie and has some great action. Kabali being Rajinikanth’s movie have outperformed KGF in the Box Office Collection race. KGF collection is 250 Cr, and Kabali ‘s  650 Cr, which is a huge difference. If you are looking for more information about the movie click here at KGF vs Kabali.

Dangal vs KGF

Indian movie History Dangal and KGF is no one of the best movies. Dangal easily wins the Box Office Collection title by grossing 2100 Cr, whereas KGF could manage to gross 250 Cr.  To know more detail about the movie, click here and find Dangal vs KGF.

KGF Vs Viswasam

There was a huge competition between the Kannada movie KGF and,  Tamil Nadu 2019 movie Viswasam. KGF had a clear go with 5 Languages, whereas Viswasam was released in just Tamil. There is a good competition between both the movies. Viswasam total Box Office collection was around 190 Cr, whereas KGF collection is around 250 Cr. If you want to compare the movies in details, click here at KGF vs Viswasam.


Even being from a different industry, KGF and VVR the movie was competing in the Box Office. VVR is Ram Charan’s 1st movie in 2019, but could not do better in the BOC.  KGF has Collected 250 Cr whereas, VVR only 110 Cr. To get more information on both the movie check KGF vs VVR.

KGF vs Thugs Of Hindustan

Thugs is a multi starring movie but did not do better in the Box Office. Even after been made with the budget of  335Cr TOH cannot impress the audience. Whereas, KGF with was made with the budget of 80 Cr performed well the Box Office. KGF has grossed 250 Cr, whereas Thugs of Hindustan has grossed 334 Cr. To know more detail about the movie, click here to find out KGF vs Thugs Of Hindustan.