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Nishabdham Movie

Nishabdham movie is a Bollywood drama, it has directed by Hemant Madhukar. Surprisingly, Madavan’s role steals the show in this one, despite the dubbing. We are going to be seen in this movie it would be unfair to release much as his arch is what ties the whole movie together, exactly, but the actor pulls off his character well. It almost makes you surprise what the movie could’ve been had his character been fleshed out even more.

Cast & Crew:

The movie star Anushka Shetty and Madhavan are playing the lead roles. Anjali, Shalini Pandey, Subbaraju, and Michael Madsen are the supporting roles in this movie. The movie story is written by Hemant Madhukar and producer for this movie Kona Venkat and T. G. Vishwa Prasad.

Movie Plot:

In the Nishabdham movie Sakshi and her fiance Anthony a head-on and enjoying their vacation and celebrating their engagement. Sakshi wants to make a pit-stop at a ghostly house on the way to pick up a coveted painting. What happens when after certain twisted incidents she finds herself involved in a police investigation. Shalini Pandey dangerously toes the line between coming across as a rude, child. While a sociopath who’s eerily obsessed with her friend, but she somehow manages to pull it off.

Michael Madsen has the rich cinematography of movies like Kill Bill, Reservoir Dogs. Hollywood makes the sudden creative whiplashes thrown at his character well, pulling it off convincingly. But Michael Madsen’s dubbing feels to pull down his role as well. As the way the story progresses makes you wonder if he has wasted in a role that’s too easy for him.

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Movie Trailer:

The exciting trailer reveals much more about the film’s plot than any of the previous promotional material ever did. Anushka Shetty plays a gifted artist called Sakshi, she is deaf and mute. Madhavan has played a celebrity musician called Anthony seems to fall for her.

Release Date Details: 

The Nishabdham full movie shooting was completed but post-production is pending because of corona pandemics.  After that, the moviemakers have to decide the movie release date on 02 Dec 2021. Nishabdham movie is simultaneously releasing in all South languages.

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